Brass band festival Kmoch´s Kolín belongs to one of the biggest cultural events of Central Bohemian region. It is an internationally known and respected brass band festival of the royal town of Kolín based on long-lasting tradition and interest and activity of majority of citizens from Kolín and surroundings. The organiser is the town of Kolín. The number of participants is approximately 1500 musicians and 250 majorettes. Last year the attendance was somewhere in the region of 8000 people.
The festival follows-up the heritage of František Kmoch and his aim to introduce brass music to a current listener. The effort of the organiser is to continue in the set trends from previous years and to keep the prestigious international music festival. This festival develops local traditions and life in the region, and is the basis of partnership among Kolín, surrounding towns and villages, local groups, natives and business organisations.


The festival Kmoch´s Kolín will continue in the new tradition of transformation from purely brass festival to modern ´Open Air Festival´ for all age groups and target groups. Simultaneously, the festival deports itself with dignity in the reference to tradition and work of František Kmoch. This new tradition was rewarded by both public and performers with record-breaking attendance and positive reviews. The audience is used to this concept of festival and they are able to enjoy all performances. The attendance numbers present good evidence of this. Two stages and beverage attendants will again provide more comfort to visitors of this year´s festival. Great success and positive reviews from both performers and audience from the last year inspire Kolín to carry on with a similar concept.

The main stage will be located in Charles Square, however, the area of St.Bartholomew´s Church and the Synagogue area will be again used for music performances. These places offer the concert of traditional Nocturno and the programme of Kolín´s young artists and also bands interpreting Jewish music. Saturday is traditionally devoted to the parade of orchestras and majorette groups through the town. The traditional highlight of Kmoch´s Kolín will be Sunday´s concert show in Charles Square. The gentlemen Miloslav Bulín and Petr Ciba are responsible for the dramaturgy of this concert.

The festival does not lack an interesting supporting programme. For example the sightseeing tour and Open Street, which is a project of local citizen initiative which will unofficially open the Kmoch´s Kolín for the second time. This event will take place in Kmoch´s Island which is inherently connected with Kmoch´s Kolín. The guided tour will finish exactly in this place.

The event is supported by Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Department of Marketing and Promotion of Kolín and a well-experienced external team which has many years of experience with this project.